Prism by logitech 


This fictional sub-brand of Logitech was created by Michael Chetelat and myself. The goal was to create a sub-brand and redesign packaging for an electronic in an effort to make it more sustainable and reduce waste. We used a custom dieline and chipboard to reduce the amount of material used and to make the package 100% recyclable. The color choices and die line of the packaging draws attention to our product because it is unique compared to other controller packaging.

We created a gamer line for Logitech called Prism. We came up with the name Prism because most classic video games are very geometric in style. The logomark plays on the geometric aspects of classic video game consoles, while relating back to the name of the sub-brand. We chose a geometric san serif font for our logotype that played upon the gamer style of our mark. We wanted it to give off a techy vibe, while still being readable and simplistic. This also connected the style of our sub-brand to the style of current Logitech product lines. For the color scheme, we chose colors that would attract our target market and that printed vividly on the chipboard.

We tested several different dielines for our packaging, we wanted to minimize material and showcase the actual product. Since a controller has an awkward shape, it took a lot of trial and error before coming up with the perfect custom dieline. The final packaging would wrap around the controller hugging the joysticks and hang on display racks in stores. The front needed to be simple, just the logo and product number. We had the barcode on the bottom fold to increase room on the back for product features. The information on the back was organized using visual hierarchy as well as an image of a cord of a controller. To add visual flare to the packaging we turned the logo into a pattern, which helped to fill the empty space and create brand awareness. Overall our new packaging reduced waste by 80% compared to the controller’s original packaging.