Seasonal Esscentials 


This fictional company was created by Chelsea Rodomista and myself. The company is a scented subscription box targeting females ages 28-32 years old. We did extensive research on our competition and our demographic to appropriately design our packaging and collateral for our company.

We wanted our subscription box to be seasonal to help theme the box and to create less of a commitment to consumers. If we sold a box that was delivered four times a year, we could charge more and include bigger and better products than if we delivered monthly. We also chose to include products that focused around scents, such as candles, body spray, lotions, etc. Once we finalized the product, came up with the name Seasonal EsSCENTials, which played on the idea that these are essential products that you usually only need to replace seasonally. We also played off the word scent because that is the main theme of the products in the box.


For our logo mark, we wanted to play off the idea of the flame of a candle. The shape is very organic and shows movement. We used this concept and then turned that idea into a monogram of our name. We chose a serif font that was humanistic in nature for the logotype. This gave off a youthful yet sophisticated feel to match our demographic.

The type of box we use is a self locking mailing box. Each box is printed with the pattern of the season on it and our logo mark. The box is the first thing our customers see, so in order to get them excited as soon as they see it, we used bright colors and fun patterns. Each box is filled with hay like shreds of paper to help protect the products. Every box is organized in the same order to keep consistency.

The products in the box consists of an 8 oz candle, an 8 oz body spray, an 8 oz body lotion, a lip gloss, a bar of soap, and a surprise gift related to the season you receive the box. All the labels of the products have a matching marble pattern to look like a set. The colors in the pattern and the scent of the products would play off the season of the box; ex. Ocean Breeze in the summer box. The boxes could be purchased online as well as other full-sized products. This way if a customer liked a certain product, they could order more.